The Evolving World Of Privacy Compliance

26 July 2023

SESSION 1: KNOW | Legal developments in data regulation

Before building an information governance framework that can support corporate strategy, reduce risk and achieve compliance, it is essential to identify and develop a knowledge of applicable data laws. This webinar explores the data regulatory landscape in Australia, the tempo of recent and anticipated changes and the activity and appetite of regulators.

Speaker: Lisa Fitzgerald, Partner, Lander & Rogers

SESSION 2: BUILD | Compliance and responsiveness in an evolving threat landscape

Traditionally, it has taken cyber criminals considerable time to research and gather information about a target before launching an attack. However, more contemporary techniques including automated processes and machine-speed operations, are increasing the rate and severity of attacks. This webinar explores information security and the mechanisms available for protecting your organisation’s important information.

Speaker: Broderick Smith, Senior Data Governance Advisor, Intalock Technologies

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