How Ransomware Can Damage Your Business

18 August 2021

Each year, over half of Australian businesses are disrupted by cyber attacks.  Unfortunately for organisations across the country, that number keeps on rising as the threat landscape constantly evolves.

Many organisations incorrectly believe they won’t fall victim to a cyber attack, however, the statistics indicate a miscalculation of that risk. When it comes to cyber crime, it is a question of when an attack will happen, not if.

Ransomware is one of the most common cyber attack vectors, impacting thousands of global businesses each year. The rate of ransomware attacks in Australia is concerningly above the global average with over two-thirds of Australian organisations suffering from an attack in the last 12 months.  The impacts of cyber crime can be devastating for many businesses, from huge financial and reputational losses, to permanent closure. And those are outcomes we want every organisation to avoid.

At Intalock, we believe in empowering Aussie businesses with the processes and technologies they need to thrive. Effective cyber security measures are at the very heart of that. In our Ransomware Information Sheet we discuss how to protect your organisation from malware, and most importantly, how to respond if your organisation is hit by a ransomware attack.


Download the Ransomware Damage To Your Business Information sheet.


If you are experiencing a cyber attack now, contact the Emergency Incident Response Hotline 1300 554 798 or  

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