Not For Profit Industry Overview of Cyber Security Services from Intalock

13 September 2021

The world has seen a steady increase in cyber incidents over the past decade, however most recently this activity has increased exponentially for organisations of all sizes across the globe. Bad actors have attempted to take advantage of the global disruption that COVID has created to further their criminal agendas.

Traditionally, the Not-for-Profit sector has been a big target for cyberattacks. These organisations are the keepers of a variety of data that is a virtual goldmine to hackers, such as credit card numbers, emails, personal identifying information, and health care information. In addition to being custodians of this sensitive data, Not-for-Profits also tend to be faced with a limited budget and resources with which to implement strategic cybersecurity practices. As such may be seen as extremely attractive soft targets to cybercriminals.

Intalock has extensive experience and expertise in the Not-for-Profit industry that comes from working with some of the largest organisations through to more singularly focused specialised organisations. We assist our Not-for-Profit clients and their boards to fully understand how their cyber security program is performing to address their compliance gaps, applications vulnerabilities, workforce security awareness (including volunteers), and more.

Read about how Intalock helps Not For Profit’s protect their organisations and their customers to prepare and respond to cyber security threats and attacks.

Download the Intalock Not For Profit Overview Cyber Security Services Overview –  Information sheet.

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