Not all SOCs are created equal

29 June 2023

Who should you trust to manage your cyber security, especially 24/7 SOC protection?

The cyber security sector is largely unregulated, and there is no shortage of providers who over-promise, under-deliver, and don’t have the resources to keep your organisation safe. In order to assist your discovery journey, we have complied a checklist of seven key considerations  to help determine whether a SOC provider is equipped to meet your business needs.

Download your SOC Checklist today.

We create cyber security solutions tailored to your specific requirements to defend your business against cyber-attack. In line with regulatory guidelines, we can help you meet your cybersecurity needs with confidence.


Go With Intalock’s Security Operations Team

Only a SOC that provides genuine 24/7 protection and is staffed by security and industry experts is equipped to prevent serious cyberattacks.

Early detection is vital for mitigation purposes. This requires constant vigilance by trained cyber security staff with industry specific experience.

Malicious online activity often requires corrective action. This means entrusting your security provider with access to your organisation’s inner workings.

Peace of mind for your business delivered by cyber experts.

“I’ve found Intalock to be very a helpful security partner. Their solid technical expertise combined with staff who care about and are focused on the outcomes is a rare combination.” 

Michael Taylor, 
ScotPac Business Finance 

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