Managed Detection

The Intalock Managed Detection service is focused on providing continuous monitoring, alerting and incident investigation of potential security events. It is proven to protect organisational services, platforms, data, and users. Our expertise includes the design and operation of Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and our analysts are the most capable and accredited in the industry with experience forged in complex environments. This fully managed security service is intended to be an extension to your team whereby Intalock can provide 24×7 monitoring of your critical infrastructure and data. The service is delivered by Intalock’s Security Operations Centre (iSOC) that provides real-time monitoring and security for some of Australia’s largest corporate enterprise and many government departments.

Incident Response

As the sophistication of bad actors increases, even well secured companies can be breached. It is vital you be prepared for such an eventuality. Intalock’s Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) works with clients to manage such scenarios, from containing an active breach to helping determine what occurred and how. Our team of responders have years of experience working across different industries sectors, managing simple breaches all the way through to resolving the most devastating of compromises. Our experts are trained in timeline creation, forensic support, and log analysis to trace an adversary’s actions and deliver a full picture of an event.

Vulnerability Management

Intalock’s Vulnerability Management service has grown to be trusted by prominent publicly listed companies and government departments alike. The core component of this service is the unique vulnerability management methodology that we have built from the group up based on firsthand knowledge of what works on the cyber battlefield. We have learned how to effectively reduce vulnerability risk using robust and repeatable methods. Our approach incorporates a continuously evolving program that encompasses asset identification and tagging, vulnerability validation, risk prioritisation, and systematic remediation to deliver enhanced organisational protection and resilience.

Managed Data Recovery

Intalock’s Managed Data Protection service provides 24×7 confidence that your data is always protected and recoverable. The service relieves the burden of managing complicated and time-consuming backup operations. It provides assurance that in the event of a cyber-attack that targets your data, protection is in place. Intalock’s Managed Service provides full backup management daily to ensure your system is performing to expected levels with near perfect completion rates. Data back-up protection is essential to thwarting ransomware-type attacks that can potentially cripple business operations via the malicious encryption and deletion of your IT assets.

Managed Splunk

At Intalock we drive exceptional business outcomes for our clients. We work collaboratively to ensure they are maximising their allocated security resources. Our team of Splunk experts can ensure your Splunk environment is operating to its full potential and that your staff are constantly improving their knowledge. Whether it be daily operations, through to creating new use cases and dashboards, or onboarding new log sources, our team can assist.

Intalock provides Splunk Managed Services to some of Australia’s largest financial services companies and healthcare providers. The collective experience and insights gained from delivering these critical services has allowed our personnel to develop a level of expertise that is unmatched within the cyber-security industry.

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