Is your organisation ready for the impact of Phishing email attacks?

7 September 2021

Last year, over 25,000 phishing scams were reported across Australia. And many of those reports came from – you guessed it – businesses.

Unsurprisingly, large organisations are the most-targeted entities by cyber criminals.

Why? Because they house sensitive data on a vast scale, and have the ability to make substantial extortion payments, too.

With over a decade of experience protecting Australian businesses from cyber attacks, the Intalock team have developed strong processes and techniques to help keep your organisation’s data safe. So, before we start embarrassing ourselves with fishing puns, our experts discuss how to respond to, educate, and protect your organisation from phishing scams.


Download the Is Your Organisation Ready for Phishing Email Attacks – Information sheet.

If you are experiencing a cyber attack now, contact the Emergency Incident Response Hotline 1300 554 798 or  

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