Intalock’s Incident Response Service – Better Prepare Your Defences With Specialised IR Experts At Your Call

13 August 2021

Are you prepared to rapidly respond to security breaches & minimise impact to your business?

Protect your organisation with the cyber security Incident Response Service from Intalock.  


In today’s digital, remote and distributed workforce, the chances of experiencing cyber-attacks is becoming the norm, rather than the exception. 

It is likely that your IT resources are stretched and thus unable to take swift and decisive action when you experience a serious compromise of your security information. 

The cyber security Incident Response Service (IR) from Intalock is fully equipped to help you overcome a malicious event through our qualified and experienced Incident Responders. 

Better yet, our team works with you to develop your defensive strategy – one that prepares you to overcome a serious breach and mitigate any fall-out on the integrity of your business. 


To learn how to protect your organisation with an IR managed service, download the Incident Response Service Information sheet.  

Or contact the Intalock team today. 


If you are experiencing a cyber attack now, contact the Emergency Incident Response Hotline 1300 554 798 or    

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