The objective of a Threat and Risk Assessment is to provide recommendations that maximise the protection of your most valued information assets. The assessment includes confidentiality, integrity and availability of data while still considering it functionality and usability. Intalock’s TRA consulting methodology enables organisations to:

  • Identify the threats and vulnerabilities within their business that put the most valuable data at risk
  • Approach threats and risk in a systematic and repeatable way
  • Leverage defensible risk management to optimise security planning and budgeting


Effective security planning should not be one-size-fits-all and must consider business alignment, security benefit, and resource cost. Intalock’s framework gap assessment methodology provides:

  • Unique insights into an organisation’s current state of security and information management capabilities
  • A determination of the maturity targets that are suitable for the organisation’s needs
  • The comparison of your maturity scores against organisations of similar size or industry vertical
  • An actionable roadmap to allow successful implementation of security and information management initiatives
  • An appraisal against standards such as ISO27001, NIST, CPS234, IS18

Cyber Maturity Assessment

A Cyber Maturity Assessment allows companies to better understand their ability to protect information and systems against internal and external cyber threats. To truly assess the preparedness of an organisation, it is imperative to consider both the technical aspects and review people and process. Intalock’s Cyber Maturity Assessment allows organisations to:

  • Understand areas of potential vulnerability
  • Identify and prioritise remediation efforts
  • Assess their cyber maturity against industry standards


Identify your security weaknesses before they can be exploited. Our offensive service capabilities probe your defences to uncover deficiencies that might otherwise be discovered by hackers. This service enables you to:

  • Identify the weakest parts of your system and applications from an internal and external perspective
  • Make informed choices about where and how to invest your security budget
  • Help incorporate security into your code and application development


Vulnerability assessment and remediation activities can prove challenging to manage. It is often unclear exactly which vulnerabilities pose a critical threat to your business if they remain unaddressed. Intalock’s Vulnerability Assessment services provide:

  • Point-in-time indication of your organisation’s exposure to vulnerabilities
  • Valuable assessment data to measure your security posture
  • Remedial options including patches, configuration changes, and defence-in-depth controls


Intalock’s Microsoft and multi-vendor advisory service can demystify complicated licensing structures. This can ensure you realise full value from your security and IT investments and unlock greater capability from your current subscriptions.

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