Is Your Organisation Ready For The 3 Most Common Cyber Attacks?

16 August 2021

Over 62% of Australian businesses have encountered a cyber security incident. And this number continues to rise.

The majority of cyber security attacks are initiated through compromised end user systems such as laptops and mobiles. And with more and more workforces working remotely, it’s vital to ensure your organisation is protected.

Cyber criminals can gain access to critical servers and data through various methods. And it may be surprising to hear that businesses like yours are at the top of the hit list.

3 Most Common Cyber Attacks we see at Intalock are:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Malicious Code

At Intalock, we believe that education is one of the best forms of cyber crime defence.

Our experts discuss three of the most common cyber attacks facing Australian businesses today, and how your organisation can mitigate its risk against them in our special paper.

Download the 3 Most Common Cyber Attacks Information sheet.


If you are experiencing a cyber attack now, contact the Emergency Incident Response Hotline 1300 554 798 or  

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