• 82% Of breaches involved the Human Element, including Social Attacks, Errors and Misuse.
  • 13% Increase in Ransomware breaches—more than in the last 5 years combined.
  • 62% Of incidents in the System Intrusion pattern involved threat actors compromising partners.
*Source: Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report

Data breaches can be costly to you and your reputation.

Get Intalock on your side and let us help solve your data security issues. See how we can help.

Advisory Services

Understand your current state of maturity so you can make informed decisions on where and how to distribute resources and funds.


Assessment Services

Assess your cyber risk posture to assist in prioritising remediation activities to reduce or mitigate threats.


Technical Services

Implement and improve technical controls to improve the risk posture of your environment.


Managed Services & Response

Leverage world class 24×7 continuous monitoring, detection and response services.


Partnering with the Best in the Business to Achieve the Best Results

Intalock only works with the best in the business, we thoroughly assess the capability of our technology partners to ensure that they can deliver on the promises they make.


We Help Teams on All Levels

  • Executive Teams
  • Information Security Teams
  • Compliance Teams

Executive Teams

Finding and retaining exceptional talent. Creating new business models due to disruptive technologies. Developing Next Generation leaders. These are some of the top challenges today’s CEOs care about. Remove the underlying burden of managing cyber threats and take comfort in knowing that by partnering with Intalock, your Executive Team can deliver on the promise of building innovative, scalable and compliant businesses that can motivate, differentiate and succeed without compromising on data security.

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Information Security Teams

We get what it’s like to be in an Information Security team, most of us started there and are still there. That’s why we want to assist our client’s teams in improving their security posture by providing specialist capability across both technical security and security tools. You can’t know everything about every security tool, neither do we but the ones we do specialise in we know better than anyone else. Whether it’s collaborating on a consulting engagement or providing 24×7 managed security services we’re with you 100%.

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Compliance Teams

Compliance isn’t easy, the goalposts are always moving and business is forever transforming. We work with Governance, Risk and Compliance teams to align cyber security with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements. Our consultants have a wide range of experience across both Advisory and Assessment based engagements working closely with key client stakeholders. By partnering with Intalock you know you have a safe set of hands who are committed to delivering your outcome rather than just a report or an audit document.

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Providing Flexible Solutions on AN Enterprise Level

  • Responsive
    Agility and flexibility are part of our DNA.

  • Decades of experience
    This isn’t our first rodeo; longevity is key to our success.

  • Reliable customer support
    Our client-centric nature ensures customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

  • We are passionate
    We live and breathe cyber security.

  • We are committed
    We do what we say and we always follow through to completion.

  • We are different
    We’re not like any other cyber security company – what makes us different is that we understand data – how to use it, store it, protect it.
  • Ever-evolving challenge

    In my role as Solution Architect/Senior Consultant I get to experience a range of client environments and enjoy the challenges of the ever-evolving threat landscape and emerging technologies. Microsoft solutions are my key area of interest and I get a real kick out of helping clients realise better value in their Microsoft solutions and licensing agreements. We have an exceptional culture here that makes Intalock a great place to work.

    Phil Tinetti – Brisbane Head Office

We protect australia's leading brands and businesses against cyber threats.

Cyber security is in our DNA